Saturday late afternoon, the doorbell told me that our friendly DHL driver is waiting and, as usual, in great hurry. I flew to the door, impatiently waiting for a package of barclamps for my carpenters workshop since days.

A little but heavy parcel, taped with  „Officina meccanica Begali„. As far as I know they never build barclamps so far. Vy strange, I signed the DHL bill, went back trough the door and opened it in seconds with my beautiful but vy dangerous Japanese kitchen knife. What’s that, I ordered nothing, no money at the moment… Do they like my cw so much that they nominate me for the CW-ambassador of the year… ??? Am I suggested as beta-tester for the breathtaking new xyz-keyer ? A present from wife, girlfriend, children, even from my boss?

Just a few of the many thoughts in my head while opening the thing hastily:


What a surprise, the biggest since many years. Thank you very much my friend Roger,  I hope I can make reparations in the near future.